Newcastle Brown Unveils Latest Seasonal Limited Edition Brews

15th October 2012

Newcastle Brown Ale, the UK’s biggest-selling premium packaged ale, is intensifying its efforts to drive growth in the category through the launch of two new Limited Edition brews that will capitalise on the growing consumer interest and demand for specialist bottled ales.

The new seasonal variants, which follow the first Limited Edition brews, Newcastle Summer Ale and Newcastle Founders’ Ale introduced in May, will be available in single 355ml bottles exclusively through Morrisons and Tesco from this month.

Newcastle Nocturnal Ale (ABV: 4.5%) is an Autumnal brew that has a bitter-sweet taste. Brewed with rye malt, the ale has a traditional ‘Tawny’ style colouring and a roast and caramel aroma.

Newcastle Winter IPA (ABV: 5.2%) echoes the style of 18th century India pale ales, and is a heavily hopped Winter ale which has a zesty, malt character which hints of caramel and a delicious aftertaste.

Gayle Harrison, Brand Director – Mainstream Beer at HEINEKEN said, “The new variants, which were originally created for export to the United States, were very well received by American drinkers and news of their popularity quickly spread to Britain.

“The new products, offer the look and feel of craft beers with quality reassurance offered by the iconic Newcastle Brown name. The first two limited edition ales introduced in the UK earlier this year, proved to be very popular, and we are confident that Newcastle Nocturnal Ale and Newcastle Winter IPA will be welcome additions to the premium ales offering in Morrisons and Tesco.”