New Heineken® "Sunrise" TV ad shows how dancing more and drinking slow makes for a great night out.

6th January 2014

Heineken® today (January 6) begins airing a powerful new TV advert in the UK, which focuses on the core elements of what makes a special night unforgettable- a superstar DJ playing great dance music, your friends and seeing a beautiful sunrise. Importantly, Heineken's "Man of the World" knows that there's a right time & place to enjoy a cold beer, perhaps at the beginning of the night, but epic dance moves require hydration and water breaks are equally important.

In the story line, the central character waives away the offer of another bottle of Heineken® in favour of a water top-up so that he can focus his energies on the dance floor to the beats of his friend, the real life DJ Audrey Napoleon. The ad is cut to Napoleon's 2011 single #MySunrise.

At the end of the evening, our man is still full or energy and joins DJ Audrey as they walk out to a beautiful sunrise over the London sky line. We end with the message "Enjoy the Sunrise - Dance more and drink slow."

The advert, which has already been successfully activated in different markets, forms part of Heineken's new global campaign, called "Dance More, Drink Slow", which delivers a responsible drinking message in a new and compelling way. It focuses on making moderation an aspirational behaviour, highlighting the importance of staying in control when enjoying a night out.

David Lette, Premium Brands Director for HEINEKEN, said: "Heineken® is the most global international premium brand and is available in 170 countries. As such, the brand can speak with authority and confidence, through the Dance More, Drink Slow campaign, to tackle the important issues around the responsible consumption of alcohol. This is, of course, a commercial for Heineken® but what we are also saying is that whilst there is a right time to enjoy a cold beer; good times come from life around you and being there for the special moments. Being mindful about what and when you drink can only be a good thing."

The UK TV edit for "Sunrise" can be viewed at