Local cricketer takes on Jimmy Anderson

8th October 2013

Pete goes head-to-head with the England legend in Strongbow 'EARN IT.' Challenge

Dorset’s Pete Moxom ‘enjoyed’ a once in a lifetime experience when he stepped up to the wicket and took on England Ashes hero Jimmy Anderson in the Strongbow 'EARN IT.' Challenge.

25-year-old Pete, who lives in Poundbury, was one of eight finalists chosen from thousands of applicants to take part in an intensive training programme laid on by the UK’s leading cider brand, where a top coach helped them prepare to take on the bowling legend.

After two days of intense training, Pete was chosen to face an over from Jimmy in front of a 200-strong crowd to complete the Strongbow Challenge. Surviving a number of breathtakingly close calls and near misses, keen cricketer Pete successfully defended his wicket in the face of deliveries travelling up to 85mph. Striking the sixth and final ball bowled by Anderson, Pete succeeded where many Australian test batsmen failed this summer and was ceremoniously presented with a pint of Strongbow by his opponent for stepping up and 'EARNING IT.'

Pete Moxom said, "When I applied to take part in the Strongbow 'EARN IT.' Challenge, I never thought I would be lucky enough to get the chance to face an over from a world class bowler. So when I was there at the wicket with Jimmy stood opposite me ready to bowl, I was waiting for someone to wake me up from a dream – it was such a surreal experience, I still can't believe I completed the challenge!"

Jimmy Anderson says, "We all know someone who ‘talks the talk’ when it comes to sport but how many do you know who actually step up and prove that they can score that penalty or hit a fast bowler to the boundary - well Pete did. Facing six of my quickest deliveries, Pete was a worthy contender who stepped up and 'EARNED IT.' to see the full video of Pete's Cricket Challenge or to sign up for the Strongbow Comedy Challenge which is still open for entries.

This Cricket Challenge kicks off the Strongbow ‘EARN IT.' campaign, which will see consumers stepping up and taking on a series of high profile personal challenges this year. Go to www.strongbow.com