16th March 2017


In response to the growing consumer trend towards moderate alcohol consumption and the resulting demand for great-tasting alcohol free beer, Heineken 0.0 is being launched – a beer brewed by the global Master Brewer, Willem van Waesberghe.

The new beer will roll out into stores from March 2017 and will be supported by a £2.5m marketing investment to address the key category consumption barriers: taste perception and social stigmatism.

Recent research has shown that whilst 50% of people now say they moderate their alcohol consumption – a figure that is growing every year – only 47% of shoppers are satisfied with the existing beer offering in the UK market[1] and are looking for a trusted global premium brand to enter this segment with a better tasting product[2].

Heineken 0.0 is brewed using only natural ingredients, including Heineken’s own A yeast. It contains just 69 calories and is defined by its refreshingly fruity notes and soft malty body, which is perfectly balanced with a short after-taste.

David Lette, Premium Brands Director at HEINEKEN, says: “This is a fantastic tasting beer. Our master brewer is so confident in Heineken 0.0 that he has given it his seal of approval. Drinkers love it too – initial feedback from both consumers and customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with a strong preference shown towards Heineken 0.0 versus other alcohol free beers. We really can say it’s the best tasting no alcohol lager.

“With a high purchase intent[3], Heineken 0.0 will not only drive frequency with current beer drinkers, but also bring new shoppers to the category by attracting health-conscious younger consumers who are drinking less or abstaining altogether, by delivering a great-tasting beer from a brand that they’re proud to be seen with.”

The packaging delivers superior results with its stylish and high-quality look creating shelf-standout, whilst also giving the reassurance that shoppers are purchasing a beer from the world’s most recognised beer brand.

Heineken 0.0 will be launching in two SKUs to meet key occasions – the 4x330ml bottle (RSP £3.25) for ‘planned social occasions’ and a 6x330ml can pack (RSP £4.50) for the ‘casual night in.’

Research shows that choosing a no-alcohol beverage is the first shopper purchasing decision, so ultimately, as demand for non-alcoholic beers continues to increase, a dedicated no-alcohol bay is recommended to provide impact and a solid ranging of brands and formats to address shoppers on specific missions.



For further information or images, please contact the HEINEKEN team at Publicasity:

Tel: 020 3757 6800


[1] IPSOS RESEARCH All LAD consumers in UK: n=424, 0.0 drinkers: n=186

[2] Source: Davis McKerr Qualitative Research June 2016

[3] Source: Davis McKerr Qualitative Research June 2016