Brad and Dan Reward 'Volley' with Serve in New Foster's Radler TV Ad

8th May 2014

The nation's favourite agony uncles Brad and Dan step out of their beach shack and away from the telephone to reveal their athletic skills in a new TV ad for Foster's Radler airing nationally from May 12th.

The 40-second ad, 'Volleyball' shows the Aussie duo taking on two young female players in a beach volleyball match. After claiming an exhausting first point victory, the shirtless hunks from Down Under reward themselves with a well-deserved Foster's Radler.

Sarah Maddock, Brand Director-Foster's at brand owner HEINEKEN said: "Given the sport-related origin of Radler-style beers – the product dates back to the 1920s when Alpine cyclists first drank the refreshing, lower-strength beer at rest stops – we couldn't resist the opportunity to see Brad and Dan showcasing Foster's Radler in a contemporary sporting setting."

Since its debut last spring, total sales of 2% ABV Foster's Radler cut with Cloudy Lemon have topped 17 million bottles. Building on the brand's success and the increasing relevancy of the moderation category to young adult consumers, HEINEKEN introduced two new variants in March. The expanded range includes new 2% ABV Foster’s Radler with 'Lime & Ginger' and a 0.0%ABV version of the original Foster's Radler cut with Cloudy Lemon.

Taking its name from the German word for "cyclist", Radler is a beer-based drink proposition dating back to the 1920's when cyclists would drink the mixed beer in the mountains when stopping for a rest. Fuelled by this authenticity and heritage, Radler has grown across Europe, where national mainstream lager brands have introduced variants in Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Croatia.