Kronenbourg 1664 adverts cleared by ASA

4th June 2014

ASA clears Kronenbourg 1664 adverts following independent review.

Following our request to the Independent Reviewer of the ASA, Sir Hayden Phillips, we have been informed that the ASA Council identified significant flaws in its January 2014 decision to uphold complaints about two Kronenbourg 1664 adverts - including the TV commercial featuring Eric Cantona. The Chair of the ASA Council has confirmed that these decisions have now been reversed, and that neither complaint has now been upheld. This means that we are free to continue using the advertisements without amendment should we wish to.

Jacco van der Linden, UK Marketing Director commented "We are delighted that our advertising has finally been judged to be fully compliant with the CAP/BCAP codes and that there is no longer any suggestion that we could mislead consumers. Whilst we fully recognise and support the complaints process operated by the ASA as a hugely important part of effective self regulation, in this particular case, we felt very strongly that the decision to rule against us was simply wrong and would set some unintended precedents for future advertising.Thankfully, the independent review process enabled us to highlight our concerns, and it is reassuring that strong & effective oversight is built into the complaints process. In practice, this means that we can continue to draw attention to Kronenbourg 1664's rich heritage from its origins in the Alsace, and the important role of the Strisselspalt hop in creating the beer's unique taste."

2014 marks the 350th anniversary of Brasseries Kronenbourg and our advertising will recommence in the autumn in celebration of this historic milestone.