4th January 2016


The makers of Strongbow and Bulmers cider are toasting a record-breaking apple harvest which saw nearly two billion apples harvested in 2015.

HEINEKEN, who use around 30 per cent of all the apples grown in the UK for their ciders, harvested and milled over 128,000 tonnes of apples in 2015 at their mill in Ledbury, Herefordshire. The record is thanks to the hundreds of farmers who work at the 10,000 acres of orchards HEINEKEN source their apples from.

Alexander Brinkerink, cider plant manager says: “Our cider is down to the dedication and commitment of the hundreds of farmers who nurture, grow and harvest the bittersweet apples we need for the distinctive taste of Strongbow and Bulmers.”

If placed on top of one another, the two billion apples would reach the International Space Station and back 100 times.



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