20th April 2017


Heineken®’s Open Your World campaign asks the UK to break down barriers and find common ground


Heineken® is launching a new Open Your World campaign to promote openness, inviting us to break through our echo chambers and the barriers that divide us.


For more than 150 years Heineken® has stood for openness, believing that the simple act of sitting down and having a conversation over a beer, helps bring people together. Now Heineken® is putting it to the test with a new campaign which aims to explore if the benefit of finding common ground with one another, can ultimately lead us to be more open.


Heineken® created a film, ‘Worlds Apart’, a real-life social experiment that puts together two total strangers, meeting for the first time & divided by their beliefs. What happens when you bring together a feminist, and an anti-feminist? Or a climate change activist with someone who thinks the whole idea is “piffle”? Heineken® sets out to prove that when you see past the labels, even the most divided groups can come together to find common ground.


To give people the chance to take action in real life, Heineken® is partnering with The Human Library™, a unique not-for-profit organisation that uses conversation to challenge stereotypes. Every ‘book’ in The Human Library™ is a real person with an extraordinary background – from street sleepers and refugees, to transgender and people with life-changing illnesses. Each ‘book’ can be loaned out for a conversation, a debate and a chance to find common ground.


The collaboration is the first commercial partnership for The Human Library™ in the UK. Heineken®’s support will help expand the organisation’s work, enabling more people to access its ‘books’, overcome their prejudices and preconceptions, and open their world.


Cindy Tervoort, Marketing Director, HEINEKEN says: “We’re living in a time where empathy, tolerance and openness are under threat. Joining forces with The Human Library™ is a way for us to inspire more people to focus on the things that unite us rather than divide us.”


Heineken® asked Dr Chris Brauer, a leading expert in human behaviour at Goldsmiths University to examine whether being open is beneficial. He says: “Highly open people are positively perceived and appreciated by others, seen as influential, humorous and expressive, and have happier relationships and more successful careers. The absolute core of common ground is truly hearing the interests and concerns of another person, openly and without judgement. After you listen, then listen some more.”


In 2017 Heineken’s® Open Your World commitment will also include:


  1. The Human Library™, in partnership with Heineken® events, a chance to meet some of the organisation’s ‘books,’ share stories, exchange views at a series of events across the UK, including a unique event at this year’s Wilderness Festival.
  2. Mix It Up’ sessions, an employer brand initiative where Heineken® colleagues from its offices and breweries across the UK will be encouraged to spend time over a sandwich or beer with people in the organisation they haven’t met before.
  3. A new Facebook Chatbot that connects unexpectedly like-minded people from diverse backgrounds. Answer a few questions about your passions and it will create your own personalised film that shows what you unexpectedly have in common.


Cindy adds: “We don’t all support the same football team, listen to the same music or share the same taste in clothes. We know we’re never going to agree on everything. There will always be a mate you love to argue with over a beer or a view you just can’t get on board with but there will also be common ground. Whether it’s 1950, 2017 or 2027, being open lets us get more out of life. It makes the world a more interesting place.”



For more information about the Heineken® Open Your World campaign contact Jackie.Kough@edelman.com