1st May 2018

The UK’s leading cider, beer and pub business, HEINEKEN UK, has unveiled plans that will inject up to £1.5b into UK trade by 2021.

The first of its kind, The Greenpaper has identified six key areas that will lead to an increase in value across the cider and beer category and secure a greater share of people’s leisure time.

Built from over 100 pieces of qualitative and quantitative research, the recommendations,  for retailers and licensees includes a greater focus on food matching, and on low and no-alcohol cider and beer.  For example, HEINEKEN says if their guidance in this area is followed, UK trade could expect up to a £111m boost to the growing low and no alcohol market over the next three years.  With one million extra drinkers choosing to abstain from alcohol in the last four years, the company has just introduced Old Mout Alcohol Free cider to its portfolio alongside Heineken® 0.0 which was launched last year.

David Forde, managing director of HEINEKEN in the UK said: “The total cider and beer market is worth £20billion, with hundreds of thousands of people employed in the industry, so its continued success and growth is vital to the to the UK economy.

“Our comprehensive research will help the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who are right at the heart of their communities, with their pubs and convenience stores, to unlock the value and growth of their businesses, whilst also providing an important boost to the country’s economy.”

The company, which represents 24% of the cider and beer market in the UK, will be working with its customers to put the six key pillars for growth into practice from this month. Within each of these, HEINEKEN have identified easy steps licensees and retailers can take to generate more income.