22nd March 2018

It’s the news that every cider lover has been waiting for - Strongbow, the world’s number one cider, has announced it will introduce a mini five litre keg in its Dark Fruit variety. In response to the sustained popularity of Strongbow Dark Fruit, the mini kegs will be rolling out into supermarkets nationwide just in time for Easter.

Featuring a light and portable design, the mini kegs will be the must-have accessory for the festival season, as well as being the perfect addition to any summer BBQ or party. The latest news has been well received by Strongbow-lovers who have shared the news online tens of thousands of times. Fans of the brand, Unilad, commented: “Strongbow knows what’s going on. They know what the people want and when they want it.”

Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director at Strongbow owners HEINEKEN, said: “The rumours are true; the mini keg is due to hit supermarket shelves across the country from Easter, and is set to be a game changer for cider drinkers and retailers alike. The launch has already stirred up a lot of excitement which we expect to increase even more once shoppers purchase the new keg.”

Strongbow will also be launching a mini keg of Strongbow Original which will hit the shelves at the same time as Dark Fruit.