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12 June 2019


  • Birra Moretti and celebrity chef Gennaro Contaldo launch unique restaurant concept in London’s Covent Garden, offering authentic Italian dining, free to guests who bring their own tables to eat from  
  • Pop-up dining experience opens after research reveals 72%1 of Britons wish they were spending more quality time with those that matter
  • Diners can sign up via https://ilgrandeinvito.birramoretti.com for a chance to dine at the Trattoria, which will be open to guests from 12th – 15th June 2019
  • Trattoria Birra Moretti is the first in a series of ‘Il Grande Invito’ events, each designed to bring people together around tables in 2019

Most people will be familiar with the concept of a BYOB, but now there’s a new BYO in town: the world’s first BYOT (Bring Your Own Table) restaurant. ‘Trattoria Birra Moretti’ is being opened by the Italian born beer and will offer diners a delicious six-course Italian sharing meal on the house if they turn up to the restaurant with their tables.

The BYOT restaurant signals the start of Birra Moretti’s ‘Il Grande Invito’ – a nationwide campaign to bring friends and family together around tables this summer so they can spend more quality time with those that matter. Heading up the kitchen of Trattoria Birra Moretti’ will be none other than the godfather of Italian food, celebrity chef Gennaro Contaldo, who has designed the money-can’t-buy exclusive six-course sharing menu that diners will be eating from their own tables.

Whether it’s kitchen tables, coffee tables, pottery tables, garden tables or even pool tables, BYOT diners can bring any sort of table they want to the restaurant – as long as they are large enough to seat at least four people, balance your beers and meals on and they are returned to their rightful homes after the meal!

The BYOT pop-up dining experience opens after research by Birra Moretti revealing that 72% of Britons wish they spent more quality time with those who matter in their lives. As a result of the pace and pressures of modern life, most notably work demands (42%) and a culture of being ‘always on’, one in four (25%) of people surveyed by Birra Moretti feel they spend less quality time now with friends and family than they did in the past.

After working up an appetite transporting tables of all shapes and sizes to the restaurant, guests can enjoy their delicious six-course feast surrounded by rustic Italian interior design, beautiful green foliage and atmospheric lighting. All food will be created and served under the supervision of Italian food extraordinaire Gennaro Contaldo himself.

Mouth-watering dishes from Gennaro’s exclusive menu include sweet and sour agrodolce di peperoni, slow cooked cuttlefish with wine, olives and plum tomatoes, a potato, pecorino, pancetta and Moretti tray bake, as well as lasagne made with a twist. All of the dishes have been designed to pair perfectly with a refreshing Birra Moretti and enjoyed with the people that matter.

Gennaro Contaldo commented, “If carrying a table through London to a restaurant doesn’t bring people closer to their friends and family, then the delicious food and drink surely will! I’m honoured to open the world’s first BYOT restaurant with Birra Moretti, and accept their ‘Il Grande Invito’ to bring people together around tables and share some of my favourite Italian recipes with the nation.”

Diners who don’t wish to – or can’t – bring a table of their own can hire one from the restaurant in return for making a £10 donation to Birra Moretti’s chosen charity, the Campaign to End Loneliness, which encourages people to connect and bring communities together.

Izabela Glodek, Birra Moretti marketing director, said:, “There really is nothing better than enjoying great food and great beer around a table with the people you love.  Through Il Grande Invito, Birra Moretti is giving people across the country unique ways to come together around a table and spend quality time with those that matter in their lives. Trattoria Birra Moretti is the first in a series of invitations over the summer and we sincerely hope it will help friends and family spend some more great times together. The BYOT restaurant will be open between 7.00pm and 10.30pm from 12th – 15th June in London’s Covent Garden. Diners hoping to sample the amazing food and secure their space at the Trattoria Birra Moretti can enter the online ballot here https://ilgrandeinvito.birramoretti.com.