Reducing CO<sub>2</sub> emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions

Climate change is one of the biggest global issues of the 21st century. It’s causing sea levels to rise and more unpredictable and extreme weather events such as floods and droughts.  But it’s not just an environmental problem. Unpredictable weather has a big impact on farming and the availability of raw materials, such as the barley and apples that we rely on to make our beers and ciders.

To reduce our impact on climate change, we have committed to cut CO2 emissions across our value chain by 40%. To do this we focus on reducing emissions in:

• Operations: by installing energy efficient technology and using renewable energy

• Distribution: by efficiently transporting our products to our customers

• Refrigeration: by buying and supplying energy-efficient fridges to our customers through our green fridges programme.


See our 2015 Sustainability Report for our performance.