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1 September 2019

  • The Lightning Seeds frontman Ian Broudie reveals he only became comfortable with the fame associated with hit football anthem ‘Three Lions’ during England’s performances at last year’s World Cup in Russia
  • The Lightning Seeds will be hitting the road in November and March to mark 25 years since the launch of hit album ‘Jollification’, with dates including The London Palladium and Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
  • The Liverpudlian reveals to Laura Whitmore the band is planning on releasing new material – 10 years after their last album
  • The full interview is available to watch via Red Stripe Presents This Feeling TV Episode 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zsjno4a6KA&feature=youtu

Besides writing the most iconic English football anthem since the creation of national anthem itself, The Lightning Seeds frontman Ian Broudie has carved out an indie legacy involving hits such as ‘Lucky You’, and songssuch as ‘Life of Riley’ and ‘Pure’ that have gone on to settle as national hits, as well as producing the albums of The Fall, The Zutons and The Coral. And today, he joins host of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV in the Laura Whitmore for a chat, followed by an exclusive acoustic performance of ‘Jollification’ hit ‘Lucky You’.

Laura kicks off the intimate chat with Ian in famous indie haunt Nambucca by asking about the popularity of the hit football anthem ‘Three Lions’. He said, “At the time when I was asked to do it originally, and I said no because I wasn’t sure of doing a football record. I’d seen Fantasy Football and then I had the idea that they could do it. And then the idea was that they would do it but it would still be me as well. And it was a two-edge sword really. So it was a brilliant thing and I loved it, but also, kind of, it could just take over and overshadow everything else.”

Despite originally being launched in 1996 to mark England hosting its first major football competition since winning the World Cup in 1966, Ian reveals it has taken 23 years for him to become comfortable with its popularity. He said, “So it took a while to learn quite how it sat in the scheme of the Lightning Seeds and to be fair obviously, it’s been number one quite a few times, but when it was number one last year and all the GIFs and the whole thing… That’s when I felt really comfortable with it for the first time. It just felt like something that was everyone’s then.

He continued, “Cause I used to not feel comfortable playing it live. But these days… I think since that I feel a lot more comfortable about it, and I enjoy playing it, and it’s a bit of a moment. And I think everyone regards it as separate to the rest of it.”

Fans of the band will also be excited to hear the band plan to hit the road later this year to mark the 25th anniversary of hit album ‘Jollification’, with a reissue of the album coming out Friday 6th September in a limited edition red vinyl and, excellently, a strawberry scented cover. Ian said, “However you say it, that sounds old. It is! It’s 25 years.”

He continued, “I still hear it [‘Jollification’] on the radio a lot. I hadn’t actually played any gigs although it was the third album for the Lightning Seeds. But I had never done a gig until Jollification. And when I started gigging, I decided rather than recreate the album, I would play it like a beat group cause the songs would sound good. So we never actually played the songs like they sound on the album.”

Moving away from the terraces and to new music, Ian spills the beans on a long awaited comeback album, the band’s first in ten years and a follow up to 2019’s Four Winds. Ian said, “It’s been ages and ages and ages – over ten years. I kind of wasn’t sure whether I’d write things that I felt sounded like The Lightning Seeds. Even though myself was the Lightning Seeds, I always felt like I was writing for a particular group and like it had to be that sound in a way. And then it becomes more difficult because it has to be that sound, but not that sound because it’s not then, it’s now. So if you think too much about it, it can become a bit of a problem. But I just started writing some tunes that I think I really like and if I was hoping what the Lightning Seeds might turn into – this would be it. So we’re just in the middle of making the album.”

From November and March 2020, Ian and the wider band, including his son Riley who now plays guitar, will be going on tour including dates at The London Palladium and Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall. A full list of dates are below:

Ian Broudie appears on Episode 10 of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV alongside Miles Kane and Brix Smith as well as exclusive performances from Miles Kane, Only the Poets and Hands Off Gretel. To view the interviews and performance, please visit the This Feeling YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zsjno4a6KA&feature=youtu

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Since its inception two years ago the show has helped to launch career of new, emerging talent such as Tom Grennan and Gerry Cinnamon who have since gone on to headline tours, features at festivals, release their own successful albums, and become Radio X and Radio 1 regulars.

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