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13 September 2019

Strongbow Dark Fruit launches its own fashion range and signs up Liam Payne as the face of the new label.

Shockwaves will be sent through the fashion world today with the announcement that Strongbow Dark Fruit has launched its very own fashion range. Not only that, but a certain man named Liam Payne has been signed up as the face of the new and unique cider-inspired label.

Oh, you thought we meant that Liam Payne? No, we’re talking about Liam Payne, the regular 30-year old man from Orpington in Kent, a Strongbow Dark Fruit fan who works as a Motor Sport Engineer. It is a fashion range for real people, after all. And Liam Payne is keen to point out that he was called Liam Payne first.

That’s right: in what some might deem quite the coup, Strongbow Dark Fruit has signed up Liam Payne to become the face of its label. Payne has even starred in a glossy fashion shoot modelling the range of berry-themed streetwear.

Strongbow’s foray into the fashion scene comes in the form of a streetwear collection, and after an outcry from its passionate fans, eager to wear their Strongbow fandom on their sleeves… literally. The label initially includes hoodies, tees and sweaters, with more to come – all colour matched to the distinctive purple hues found in a pint of Strongbow Dark Fruit.

Unlike the fashion world, with its worshipped creative directors, the Strongbow Dark Fruit fashion range is a designer label by the people. Each garment is highly customisable, meaning fans can get creative and design their own… To see the range, go to: https://sdf.thisisyr.com/

What’s more, in contrast to the abstract and pretentious sound bites often overheard at the world’s fashion weeks, the Strongbow Dark Fruit range says it as it is – with clothes emblazoned with such sayings as ‘Dark Fruit you Beaut’, ‘Did someone say Dark Fruit?’ and ‘There’s only one Dark Fruit’. Maybe not up Kanye’s street, but certainly Liam Payne’s.

Payne said: “I love enjoying a Strongbow Dark Fruit with my mates so when Strongbow asked me if I’d like to wear my favourite cider in the form of a Dark Fruit fashion line how could I say no? Being involved in the fashion shoot for the range was a right laugh, and if I do say so myself, I think I took to modelling quite naturally, giving the other Liam Payne a run for his money. I am the original after all as I was born first! Maybe I need to think about a career change…!?”