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6 September 2019

  • To support his latest single ‘Blame It On The Summertime’ and upcoming tour, indie legend Miles Kane appeared on the latest episode of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV
  • Miles reveals singing Beatles tunes iwas his dream job and hopes to follow Elton John, Dianne Ross and Celine Dion in having a Las Vegas residency
  • The ‘Come Closer’ star also shares how he has given up the ‘always on holiday’ LA lifestyle for London and puts it down to losing his ‘creative mojo’
  • The full interview is available to watch via Red Stripe Presents This Feeling TV Episode 10

In his own words, indie legend Miles Kane is channelling his inner Liza Minnelli with his new hair cut and style combo, but while his fashion sense may have changed, the rocker’s dedication to producing fresh new music, hitting the road and remaining relevant has faltered over time. He popped into live music haunt Nambucca to give host of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV Laura Whitmore an update on new tunes, swapping LA for London and his Beatles tribute band.

Kicking off on the subject of new music, in particular his latest single ‘Blame It On The Summertime’, Miles Kane explains to Laura about what people can expect to hear. “It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve just been busy, and it’s been creative as well and we’ve put a couple of new songs out this year. That was called Can You See Me, and we’ve got another one coming out in September, called Blame It On The Summertime. A great pop-py upbeat song that I’m really excited about… It’s one of the best tunes we’ve done, so I’m excited.”

Fans who have followed Miles’s transition from The Rascals, The Last Shadow Puppets and solo material will be happy to a new album is set for release next year.Miles said: “I think [the album will come out] next year. Plan A is early next year – so if we stick to plan A, it’s achievable. That’s what we’re working towards.”

Always keen to reinvent both himself and his music, Miles has come a long way since his days on the circuit and shares an insight on what to expect from the new record. Miles adds, “It was a perfect transition from the last album to hint at maybe where we’re going, but it probably could have still fitted on that last record. It was just a cool tune and we’ve been writing a lot of tunes that are still in that glam vain and now we’re exploring with a bit more of a – well, lately we’re getting into that samba-y Motown thing. Combined into a new song. [Blame it on the] Summertime isn’t really like that but I guess it’s a bit Motown-y.

When Laura asks if there is a genre Miles isn’t willing touch, he says, “Whatever I’m sort of into or what’s turning me on at that moment I try and get into that world and try and become character sort of.”

Beside releasing new music and heading back on the road, Miles also reveals to Laura that he is swapping his ‘always on holiday’ lifestyle in LA for London. He said, “I was there for about three years and we had a lot of fun there. But by the end of that period I did just feel like I was on holiday every day. And the mojo – it wasn’t really there. We moved back [to London] and I feel really good for that… It’s just a stage of your life and where you’re at, your age. There’re loads of facts and scenarios [that can affect it] but that’s what happened with me.

Before heading on stage to perform an acoustic set in front of a packed out Nambucca, Laura had to ask about how Miles’s new Beatles super group, Dr Pepper’s Jaded Heart’s Club Band, featuring Muse’s Matt Bellamy, came about. Miles said: I was living in LA and that started there. And it was one of the lads’ 40th birthday and he’s – Jamie’s [Davis] friends – we have a friend in common called Sean [Payne] who’s the drummer of the Zutons. And Jamie [Davis] knows [Matt] Bellamy and [Graham] Coxon and all of those people. And he put it all together and was like ‘would you sing all of those Beatles tunes for my birthday?’ And it was like, my dream job!”

He jokes: “No one else can sing Beatles tunes better than me! So that’s how it started, and I think we all just had a – it’s a lot of fun and it’s no pressure. And everyone enjoyed it and so it evolved to doing gigs and we did one in the 100 Club a couple of months a go.”

Laura asks what the ideal outcome of the band would would be, and Miles cheekily responds, “I just want to go to Vegas! I just want a suite in Vegas and to do that for a month… Like Celine [Dion], Elton [John] and Diana Ross.”

Fans hoping to hear a glimpse of new tunes ‘Blame It On The Summer Time’ and ‘Can You See Me’, as well as Miles classic tracks ‘Come Closer’ and ‘Rearrange’, can see him live on his upcoming tour. Here’s a list of dates:

  • Wed, 9th Oct Chinnerys Southend, United Kingdom
  • Thu, 10th Oct, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Fri, 11th Oct, SWX, Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Sat, 12th Oct, Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Mon, 14th Oct, The Welly Club, Hull, United Kingdom
  • Wed, 16th Oct, Electric Ballroom, London, United Kingdom
  • Thu, 17th Oct, The Wardrobe, Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Fri, 18th Oct, The Boiler Shop, Newcastle, United Kingdom
  • Sat, 19th Oct, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Miles Kane appears on Episode 10 of Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV alongside Ian Brodie from The Lightening Seeds, Brix Smith and two surprise and secret guests, as well as exclusive performances from Miles himself, Only the Poets and Hands Off Gretel.

Born out of a need to bring back music TV programmes after the likes of MTV and Top of the Pops abdicated their thrones, Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV has counted over 1.7 million views with stars including Hollywood legend Stephen Graham, daytime TV favourite Holly Willoughby, to household names like The Kooks, The Vaccines and Slaves.

Since its inception two years ago the show has helped to launch career of new, emerging talent such as Tom Grennan and Gerry Cinnamon who have since gone on to headline tours, features at festivals, release their own successful albums, and become Radio X and Radio 1 regulars.

Beside Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV, Red Stripe and This Feeling host over 300 live club nights with 1000 acts performing each year.

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