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What We Stand For

Our mission and values are at the heart of who we are and we embrace them day in, day out.
When you’ve been brewing beers and making ciders that people love for as long as we have, it’s fair to say we’re passionate about bringing enjoyment to our consumers.

That passion is our day-to-day driving force. From creating great beers and ciders to making HEINEKEN a special place to work, it’s core to everything we do.

It’s what inspires us to ensure consumers can enjoy one of our brilliant beers or ciders in one of our great British pubs. And it’s why we bring people together to enjoy themselves by putting our name to some of the best events they’ll ever experience. Just think Champions League Football, Rugby World Cup, Formula One…

Both our passion for consumers and customers and enjoyment of life go hand in hand with the care for the world in which we work and the people we work with. We value and embrace diversity. We promote responsible alcohol consumption, make a difference to the communities we’re part of and strive to be our industry’s greenest brewer.

Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Report details HEINEKEN UK’s gender pay gaps. It identifies the main reasons behind them and outlines our future plans for ensuring that we’re an inclusive, diverse and engaging place to work.