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Stonegate group and HEINEKEN UK join forces to shine a light on pub inclusiveness

New research shows the clear majority of people are more likely to visit a pub or bar that looks and feels inclusive
Stonegate Group and Heineken UK are hosting an event to share best practice on how hospitality venues can be more inclusive, and following a successful Pride month celebrate the amazing people who work in LGBTQIA+ friendly venues

Pubs and bars that demonstrate they are inclusive and will not tolerate discrimination are more likely to be visited by the majority of the population. Around 60% of people are more likely to visit pubs that are inclusive, with this number jumping to 76% for people who identify as LGBTQIA+, 82% for people who have accessibility needs and 73% for people from ethnic minorities.

The research has been commissioned jointly by HEINEKEN UK and Stonegate Group, who are holding an event for the UK hospitality industry to facilitate discussions and share best practice on how pubs and bars can continue to be more inclusive.

Thousands of pubs across the country have celebrated Pride month, which is a celebration of people coming together in love and friendship, to show how far LGBTQIA+ rights have come, and how in some places there's still work to be done. Pubs, bars and venues have always been a place for the LGBTQIA+ community has come together, and we want to celebrate these venues and the amazing people who work in them.

The research sadly showed that discrimination still takes place with 45% of LGBTQIA+ people having experienced some kind of discrimination, and 34% not feeling able to be their true selves in a pub or bar for fear of discrimination. 

Across the board, the survey showed that the most common reason people visit a pub or bar is to relax and meet with friends, which highlights the need for hospitality venues to provide a welcoming environment. The research showed there are some really simple measures venues can put in place to demonstrate this – from window stickers to making sure social media accounts reflect their inclusivity.

Will Rice, interim on-trade sales director for HEINEKEN UK said “Pubs and bars are so important to the fabric of UK society, and it’s so important that people feel comfortable and welcomed in their surroundings. Across the country, fantastic work is being done in the UK on-trade, and it’s important we, as an industry, build on this momentum, to continue to make pubs and bars a safe destination.”

Liam Martyn, Area Manager at Stonegate Group says “It’s not that long ago that ‘gay pubs’ were almost underground.  People would have to slip discreetly into them, just to feel some sense of belonging.   I’m so happy to see that has changed so much – looking around Soho now, and many other similar areas of cities across the country, the area is vibrant, full of love and fun, and there is definitely a sense of belonging from all people, not just the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Sarah Miller, Business Unit Director at Stonegate Group says: “We’re hosting this event to bring people together, learn and share ideas – so that the on-trade can continue to be inclusive all year round, not just during Pride month.  We also recognise that people working in LGBTQIA+ bars are usually busy working during Pride, and we wanted to put on an event to both thank and celebrate with them.” 

If you would like to attend the event on the 11 July at Rupert Street, Soho, at 6.30pm, please email


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