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HEINEKEN UK and ITV renew their ground-breaking product placement deal for a further 18 months
Heineken 0.0 became the first real world beer to appear on the bar of two of the world’s most famous pubs

Following a hugely successful first year, HEINEKEN UK and ITV have renewed their innovative and award-winning product placement partnership that sees Heineken 0.0, the nation’s favourite alcohol-free beer, on draught in Emmerdale’s Woolpack and Coronation Street’s Rover’s Return.

The renewed deal means Heineken 0.0 Draught will stay pride of place on the bar in both TV pubs, alongside fictional beers like Newton & Ridley and Ephraim Monk, for at least the next 18 months.

When the original partnership was announced in April 2022, it signified a number of firsts – not least the fact that Heineken 0.0 became the first real world beer to appear in Coronation Street and Emmerdale. 

The tie up was lauded by industry experts, commentators, and politicians alike as a significant step forward in helping to normalise alcohol-free beer among alcohol consumers and make it more visible and acceptable in the UK. With a combined weekly viewership of 11 million, and huge influence over popular culture, the hope was that it would help break down antiquated stigmas and encourage more Brits to explore the burgeoning ‘NoLo’ category as drinking habits in the UK change.

Savanta data released in April 2023 corroborated those predictions. Aided by significant coverage in the mainstream media, 8.4 hours of on screen airtime, and 22 on-screen orders (verbal and non-verbal) of a ‘pint of zero’ by characters during the first year, 75 per cent of Coronation Street viewers and 77 per cent of Emmerdale viewers agreed with the statement that ‘drinking low and no alcohol beer in pubs is becoming more and more normal’. In addition, 62 per cent of viewers aware of the product placement partnership across both shows said it ‘made them want to find out more about Heineken 0.0’.

In recent years, HEINEKEN has led the charge in raising the profile of no and low alcohol beer and change perceptions of the category. Heineken 0.0 is available in thousands of pubs across the UK and the company is staying true to its ‘Always A Choice’ promise, advocating for moderation when consuming alcohol. 

James Crampton, Corporate Affairs Director for HEINEKEN UK, is optimistic about the future, and what more can be achieved. He commented: 

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the success of the partnership, and to continue to make alcohol free beer more visible. We are totally committed to bringing no and low alcohol beer from the periphery into the mainstream – and the data shows that this partnership is having a real impact. That collective mind-shift is happening. Emmerdale and Coronation Street have huge cultural currency - people are seeing their favourite characters order pints of 0.0 in the Rover’s Return and Woolpack and it’s helping make it permissible for them in their real lives.”

John Whiston, Managing Director of Continuing Drama, ITV, said: "We're delighted Heineken has renewed their partnership with the shows. It's a great fit having their 0% lager in The Rovers and The Woolpack. As a responsible broadcaster it's important to reflect the nation's increasingly diverse drinking habits on screen and research reveals that showing Heineken 0.0 as a drink of choice for our characters, is helping to normalise and drive the uptake of alcohol-free lager. We look forward to Heineken remaining part of the ITV family for the next 18 months, helping our shows continue to make change on screen and off.”

Heineken 0.0 is the market leader of no alcohol beer in the UK with 30% market value share. Throughout the last year, over 99 million pints of alcohol-free beer have been enjoyed, an increase of +10.5% year on year**.

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