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Brew a Better World

Raising the bar for a fairer, stronger, healthier and more sustainable world.

Our Sustainability Story

The way we make and serve our beers and ciders can have a significant impact on our customers, communities and the environment. So working sustainably and responsibly is fundamental to how we do business.

Our Brew a Better World sustainability strategy is raising the bar on climate action, accelerating efforts to create a positive social impact and promoting the responsible consumption of our beers and ciders.

Environmental Sustainability

Climate change has already altered ecosystems and is negatively impacting agriculture and people’s health and livelihoods around the world. We must act now to dramatically reduce the impact of climate change. This is shaping how we do business today and the way we’ll do things in the coming decades.

Social Sustainability

Our company purpose ‘We brew the joy of true togetherness to inspire a better world’ shapes our strategy and inspires our people.

In everything we do, we aim to live our company purpose. This is brought to life through the social sustainability pillar of Brew a Better World.

Responsible Consumption

As a business, we’re strong advocates of the responsible consumption of beers and ciders, whilst also supporting efforts to address harmful consumption.

We want to make sure consumers always have a choice when it comes to low and no-alcohol beers and ciders. We also think it’s important to give them the information they need to make that choice.

We know that targeted solutions are better to address harmful consumption for those it impacts most and we work with third parties to help implement these initiatives.


We publish regular updates to show our progress on our sustainability commitments. You can view and download them here.

Global Sustainability

Find out more about our global sustainability ambitions and how we Brew a Better World in many other countries.