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Water and Sewerage Supply Licence

HEINEKEN UK Limited manages its water and sewerage in respect of certain of its English premises under a Water Supply and Sewerage Licence limited to Self-Supply (licence numbers 075/2018/WL and 074/2018/SL). HEINEKEN UK Limited (as Licensee) uses the supply systems of water undertakers and the sewerage systems of sewerage undertakers for the purpose of enabling HEINEKEN UK Limited to provide water and sewerage services in respect of the premises of:

  • The Licensee; and
  • Scottish & Newcastle Limited and Punch Taverns (Jubilee) Limited, being persons associated with the Licensee and the reference to “persons associated with the Licensee” shall be interpreted in accordance with paragraphs 11 and 12 of Schedule 2A and paragraphs 9 and 9 of Schedule 2B of the Water Industry act 1991.
For further information regarding the management and operation of the Self-Supply Licence, please contact